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A Brief Brief on Briefs

19 Feb

letter In October of 2012, Tom Burns over at 8bitdad.com blew the roof off of the girls underwear industry by declaring that he buys boys briefs for his daughter “so that she can wear the characters she’s interested in”. Apparantly “Brave” and “Hello Kitty” hold the lion’s share of the shelf space at supermarkets, leaving little room for superheros. Is you might imagine, the story touched a nerve and was quickly distributed through the entire interwebs by The Good Men Project and Huffington Post. People were espeically vocal about the issue. Burns wrote:

Largely, I’ve been pleased with the debate the article inspired, including over  800 comments at Huffington Post. (I’ve been less happy with the comments  alleging that my underwear permissiveness has forever transformed my daughter  into a sissified deviant, but I’ve been on the internet long enough to  expect—and mildly enjoy—that kind of reaction.)


Naturally efforts were made to follow up with marketing representatives from Target, Walmart and their ilk… with little to no response. Superheros haven’t been represented in the girls underwear industry since the good old Underoos days. But enough ruckus was made that eventually Fruit of the Loom reached out to Burns to let him know that they’d heard the complaints and had recently licensed for producing DC character themed girls underwear, and would launch the line in January of 2013. Although the launch was briefly delayed, they did eventually release their girls superohero underwear for online orders in February…

…and sold out in 24 hours.

Naturally Fruit of the Loom recalculated and have restocked their wearhouse. If your daughter is into superheros, you can buy your little superheroine all the non-Hello-Kitty briefs she wants/needs at this link right here.


As irony would have it I approached my 6-year-old daughter and asked her “Hey honey, would you like me to get you some girls superhero underwear?”

“Um, no thanks Daddy. I like the underwear I have.”

Ah well. At least she was honest.

429241_10150601404267285_1159265785_nI’m not generally an “activist” about most things, but when it comes to empowering my daughter to be whoever she wants to be, gender roles or no, I’m all over this one. The good news is there’s no shortage of superhero underwear in the boys aisle. My son has ’em all. It doesn’t look like I’ll have to buy girls underwear for him to wear.

And incidentally, if you’re looking for other sources to outfit your young feminine superhero, head on over to SuperheroStuff.com. They’re fantastic about stocking merchandise for little girls.


-Dork Dad

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