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Life With A 5 Year Old Boy

13 Aug

Life with a 5 year old

Episode V: Hey, Mommy. Come here, quick!

UnDorkMommy: Just a second.

Episode V: Mommy, hurry!

UnDorkMommy: Honey, I have to take care of your baby brother. Just a moment.

Episode V: Mommy! Mommy! Quick! Come here! Hurry!

UnDorkMommy: OK. OK. **walks across the room to Episode V** What is it, honey?

Episide V: I just made a really big toot. Can you smell it?

UnDorkMommy: Oh. Ugh. *gag* Oh my gosh!

Episode V: **smile on his face** I know. It’s a really stinky one, isn’t it?




Is it wrong that I want to give him a high-5?


-Dork Dad

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