What I Want

14 Jun

letter My wife asked me a few weeks ago what I wanted for Father’s Day. Seriously, I have everything I ever wanted… or at least everything I ever needed. I don’t want for much, and if I do want something I’m lucky enough to be in a position to just go out and buy it (except the Porsche).

But that doesn’t help UnDorkMommy when it comes to Father’s Day. She wants to do something nice for  me, and she knows she doesn’t have the nerd-cred to know what it is I really want. It’s my obligation as a loving husband to help her out in uncomfortable, difficult situations like this. So here you go, Honey. Here’s a short list of some things that I would genuinely appreciate for Father’s Day:



Five simple things I want for Father’s Day

(each should be pretty easy to come by)

1) I want security – security to know that I will be able to provide for my family for as long as they need it, and that no horrible tragedies will befall the people I love.

2) I want to be able to share the things that I get excited about with my wife, like the new Superman movie, or the microbrewery that just opened nearby, or the latest Star Wars Lego set — because having a 15-month-old and two other kids makes it so easy for both of us to do things together as a couple. ((not))

3) I want the seasons for “Game of Thrones” and “Walking Dead” to be much, much longer than they already are.

4) I want to resolve the terrible guilt I feel taking time away from my family to take care of myself, and the terrible frustration I feel taking time away from myself to take care of my family.

5) I want to finally be picked to be a volunteer on “Mythbusters,” especially since I’ve tried three times already without getting the call, and my sister tried only once and totally got picked — and she doesn’t even watch the show, dammit!!

You should be able to handle those things, right Honey?

You thought I was kidding about the Mythbusters thing, didn't you?

You thought I was kidding about the Mythbusters thing, didn’t you?

-Dork Dad


6 Responses to “What I Want”

  1. Kristen Chapman Gibbons June 14, 2013 at 2:11 pm #

    Reblogged this on Big Blue Dot Y'all and commented:
    O Dorkdaddy. You are the business. Happy Father’s Day.

  2. Jennie O June 14, 2013 at 3:47 pm #

    #2 really is important. Have a date night. Get a babysitter. Make it a priority. Start with once a month if you have to but, twice a month is better. Your kids will thank you and so will your marriage. ((lecture complete))

  3. my27stars June 16, 2013 at 10:38 am #

    Oh man! You got me good on #3! 🙂 Hopefully UnDorkMommy was able to make some of this happen. Let me know if she worked anything out with Robert Kirkman…

  4. Cnuna2 June 16, 2013 at 4:26 pm #

    Duuuude you rock!!!! I’m lmao at you every day …..thx!! Nerd galpal for life !!

    Have a great day! Christi


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