No Good Deed…

5 Sep

o we had this brief moment of zen this weekend. My daughter came out of her high-drama, ego-centric, 6-year-old-world for a moment and took notice of her baby brother (she’s actually pretty good about him, but the world of a 6-year-old can be incredibly narrow and self-centered).

She was in a good mood. He was in a good mood. I sat them together on my favorite chair and managed to get some pictures on my iPhone. It was like a dream. My normally camera-averse daughter and where’s-my-food baby were forging the loving bond of siblinghood right before my eyes. I was so full of fatherly love.

It started out so sweet – all smiles.

There was some posing for the camera.

There were some tickles.

You could see the moment when they forgot about the camera and were just there with each other.

It was a moment of perfection. They were happy, and into it. I was happy and getting the pictures. The clouds parted. The light poured into the room. The angels sang. Suddenly it seemed all things were possible. If a moment like this could happen, surely Democrats and Republicans can work together. Certainly Firefly could come back for another season. Surely the nations of the world could come together to end poverty and forge world peace.

Then this happened…



-Dork Dad

One Response to “No Good Deed…”

  1. Ande September 5, 2012 at 8:40 am #

    She’s got two younger brothers. This is only the beginning…

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