The Muppet Music (part 3/3)

7 May

llow me to paint a picture for you:

It’s a warm Friday evening downtown. It’s the high-end part of town, filled with alternating kitchy little boutiques, restaurants and big brand shopping stores. The big movie theater is there. People come from all over to casually walk the streets hand-in-hand to window shop. If there was ever a place in town to be “seen”, this is it. On this beautiful evening the streets are especially filled with happy, upper-middle-class pedestrians enjoying the weather, the sights, the smells and the general ambiance. It’s a perfect, picturesque California-evening in the penultimate California beach town.

Traffic moves slowly down the street on evenings like these, mostly to accommodate the pedestrians, but also because there is no real rush. This is, after all the quintessential beach town – flip flops and Bermuda shorts are practically a uniform around here. You glance up from the Mexican hot chocolate you purchased at the specialty chocolate store and notice a minivan slowly making its way down the street. Through the open windows you see two adorable blonde, curly-haired kids in the back seat, obviously siblings, an older kindergarten-aged sister and pre-school-aged brother. In in the front seats are two adults, also obviously siblings – a graying, hair thinning, late-30’s man and a bubbly, curly haired brunette with a big toothy smile.

Wouldn’t you know it? Just as the minivan pulls up right next to you the serene ambiance of a perfect fall evening is shattered when the following music spills out of the minivan windows at the highest volume the minivan stereo can muster:

The minivan’s occupants are all gleefully clucking along at the top of their voices with no regard as to who can see or hear them (which in retrospect is a tactical error for the driver who is a respected professional in the community with a reputation to maintain). As the minivan bumps along down the road and turns a corner towards the parking garage the people on the street take notice and smile. The song itself is trending in pop-culture at the moment, and even through the minivan passengers are singing it with chicken clucks, it’s a very recognizable and upbeat tune.

Of course the occupants of the minivan were Episode IV, V, DorkDaddy and DorkDaddy’s sister Auntie LuLu. As I listened to my kids squeal with glee at sharing the total silliness of clucking this song out the windows of the car to the entire world on the street, and as I saw all the smiles on the people on the street that it invoked, I knew I’d be blogging about it.

Ce-Lo. “Forget You”

For those who aren’t plugged into pop-culture, the song is a Muppetized version of Ce-Lo’s “Forget You”. Ce-Lo performed his song at a recent Grammys event in an outlandish costume that left many people scratching their heads. No doubt at the time he knew that his song was going to be a part of the new Muppet movie. Astute students of Muppet history will remember Elton John’s appearance on The Muppet Show. On that episode he performed “Crocodile Rock”. Watch the video below and the circle between Elton John, Ce-Lo and The Muppets will be complete.

And with that I bring my trilogy of appreciation of Muppet music to a close (unless I decide to make the prequels at some undisclosed date in the future). As I’ve said before, whatever the franchise, I don’t care how cheezy it is, or how badly the new material ruins the sanctity of the old material (JarJar Binks anyone?), if it gives me and my kids (and their Auntie LuLu) something to do and get excited about together, that’s absolutely fine with me.

Thank you Muppet Studios for giving us just one more thing to dork-out over.

(and in case you missed ’em, here are PART 1 and PART 2 of the Muppet music appreciation trilogy)

-Dork Dad

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