Hidden Talent

9 Apr

o the day finally came, five weeks later, when I looked into the mirror at the little baby I was holding in my arms and he seemed familiar to me – when he seemed not like a new addition to the family, but like a regular part of my life. It was the moment when, looking at that little baby, I couldn’t remember my life before him. It was almost as if he’d always been there. We’re now a family with three kids, and we will be for the rest of our days. However you defined our family 6 weeks ago, looking at that little baby, that memory was just a speck on a distant shore. He’s here now, he always will be, and I honestly have a hard time remembering what life was life before him.

"Blue Steel"

That said, Episode VI is starting to show his individuality. His unique facial features and personality traits are just starting to shine through and it’s fun to watch them blossom. This is the part where my mother just loves to play the match-up game. “Oh, his hair looks red today. No, now it looks more blonde. Oh, he has his Grandpa’s crease above his nose. His eyes aren’t as round as his brother and sister’s, they’re more almond shaped. He gets that from his (Dork)Dad. Oh, his auntie had the same shaped head when she was this age. I wonder if he’s going to be tall like his Great Grandfather’s side, or tall like his (unDork)Grandfather’s side…” My mother could entertain herself for a solid week speculating on the trajectory and origins of a baby’s unique facial features and personality traits. It’s her particular brand of dork-ism, so we humor her and smile (me with my mother’s smile, and my wife with her Grandmother’s broad, toothy smile). My unDork wife, for her part, simply does not understand what the fun is with all this speculation, and for the most part just scratches her head wondering why all the fuss. (Remember, all leads on where my wife lost her dorkiness went cold a couple decades ago. If anyone has any information leading to whereabouts of my wife’s dorkiness please call the tipline: 1 800 DorkDad)

In any case, as I said we’re beginning to see the first glimmers of what’s going to make Episode VI stand out from his siblings. His big sister Episode IV, is a rediculously gifted artist and sculpter, even by adult standards. Episode V could hit an underhand pitched ball out of the air when he was 2 years old. Only just now is Episode VI starting to show the first signs of what his natural aptitudes might be. By all indications, it looks like this kid just might…

…be a tuba player.

At least my mother can say with absolute confidence that he got that talent from my father.

-Dork Dad

(now with 50% more children… and 100% less time for blogging)

2 Responses to “Hidden Talent”

  1. Mother of Dork April 9, 2012 at 6:42 am #

    Ok….started my day off laughing. Thanks

  2. Ande April 10, 2012 at 7:31 am #

    It doesn’t take long before the butt trumpet ceases to become a “hidden” talent.

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