A Musical Discovery

18 Mar

have mentioned before how important it is to indoctrinate your children at an early age. If you want to spread the gospel, you have to hit ’em early and hit ’em often. It applies as much to superheros as it does to music. To the end of my days I will have “The Kingston Trio” music hardwritten into my DNA thanks to countless hours in the bathtub with my Dad sitting in the room playing their music on his banjo. It is the charge of every parent to properly educate our kids on “the classics”, whatever they happen to be. To that end I have made an incredible discovery.

My original intention with this blog was to share the tools and tips I use to dorkify my own children with other dorkdads out there, in the hopes that they would benefit from my experience and perhaps pass on some of their own dorkification knowledge in return. I have stumbled across just one of those dorkisms which, in my opinion, every single parent with a child under 12 months must be made aware of. Now I must state for the record that my blog will never be cool enough to get paid to endorse a product. So rest assured, what you are about to read comes completely from me.

Are you ready for the newborn dorkification discovery of the decade? Here it is:

Got a newborn (like me) who needs to be soothed to sleep to the dulcimer tones of Guns-N-Roses? They’ve got that:

Are you more of a Led Zeppelin sort of DorkDad? They’ve got that:

Are you of the mind that there can never be too many covers of Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing”? They’ve got that:

Or perhaps you’re a rocker at heart. Metallica? Yeah, they’ve got that too:

Or are you like me? By which I mean “do you need a steady dose of Def Leppard on a regular basis”? Oh yeah. They’ve got that too!:

In fact, the list of newborn-friendly covers is staggering (conveniently linked here for you to browse). Elvis. Aerosmith. Depesche Mode. Dave Matthews Band. Pearl Jam. Pink Floyd. Queen. The Beatles… on and on and on. They’ve got it!

I’ve been rockin’ all day to the hardcore sounds of xylaphone and harps. If you have a newborn at home you owe it to them to do the same.

You’re welcome.

-Dork Dad

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