Mace Windu Would Object

16 Mar

Episode IV’s first report card came home this week, and it really was stellar (even though it was just for kindergarten). As part of the continuing effort to brainwash our kids towards academic performance we totally played it up – praising her up one side and down the other (again, it really was great).

To mark the occasion and reward her hard work in school we promised her a trip to the toy aisle at Target. She thought about it for a day or so and then asked me last night, “Daddy, do they make lightsabers in girl colors, like purple?”

I thought for a moment about what Samuel L. Jackson would think of purple being a “girl color”.

“They sure do, Lovey.”

“Good. Then that’s what I want for my great report card.”

So today we made good on the promise. Eat your heart out Mace Windu. She looks better with a purple saber than you do.

-Dork Dad


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