It’s a BIRTHDAY!!!

26 Feb

e’ve been waiting for months, and I’m happy to report that finally the day has come!

The whole family has been on pins and needles, just waiting. I’m thrilled that my parents were able to drive all the way down (in record time I might add) and be here when it happened. Sadly though, Un-DorkMommy’s mother had the stomach flu, and couldn’t take part for fear of passing something nasty on to delicate immune systems.

We’re all a little tired (as you might expect there was very little sleeping last night), but after months and months of anticipation the payoff is obviously well worth it. Things are changing fast over here, and it seems like my kids have grown older almost overnight. “Thank You” to everyone who expressed their love and support over these past few weeks in anticipation of the big day. Your cards and gifts are most appreciated. I’m sure you all would like to join me in wishing a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY…

…to my beautiful sweet daughter, who turns 6 today.

"Happy Birthday" to Superkid #1!


You thought I meant…?

Oh, no. Sorry.

No baby yet. But I’ll keep you posted.

-Dork Dad

One Response to “It’s a BIRTHDAY!!!”

  1. Kjysten February 26, 2012 at 3:14 pm #

    Do you remember the folk tale about the little boy who cried wolf? Well – Happy birthday and “woof.” :>

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