The boys of Summer… in February

24 Feb

‘ve mad a lot about the dorkier side of being a dad, but obviously it isn’t about *what* you do with your kids. It’s about doing *something* with your kids, and sharing the energy and love of your enthusiasm. That’s the real value in being a Dork Dad. Sure, I like to geek around with my kids… wearing matching shirts, going to the comic book shop, swinging lightsabers, learning science on nature walks. But I’m all about the normal dadding stuff too. That said, I have to tell you there is nothing quite like the look on your 3-year-old boy’s face when he hits that underhand pitch you threw him and smashes the ball clear to the other side of the backyard; especially when it’s just you and him in the house, and it’s 70 degrees outside, in February.

I love spending time with my kids, no matter what we’re doing.

But beware, no matter the activity, there’s always the possibility for personal injury when you’re a dad.

-Dork Dad

(still no baby by the way)

One Response to “The boys of Summer… in February”

  1. Kjysten February 24, 2012 at 8:01 pm #

    Yeah. Probably YOUR injury! Good job, Daddy. :>

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