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Three’s company

29 Feb

We’re all kinds of tired, and it’s hard to think straight, but we did it. Looking at this picture I think you’ll agree: I must have done something right.

More blogging after the dust settles.

-Dork Dad


It’s a BIRTHDAY!!!

26 Feb

e’ve been waiting for months, and I’m happy to report that finally the day has come!

The whole family has been on pins and needles, just waiting. I’m thrilled that my parents were able to drive all the way down (in record time I might add) and be here when it happened. Sadly though, Un-DorkMommy’s mother had the stomach flu, and couldn’t take part for fear of passing something nasty on to delicate immune systems.

We’re all a little tired (as you might expect there was very little sleeping last night), but after months and months of anticipation the payoff is obviously well worth it. Things are changing fast over here, and it seems like my kids have grown older almost overnight. “Thank You” to everyone who expressed their love and support over these past few weeks in anticipation of the big day. Your cards and gifts are most appreciated. I’m sure you all would like to join me in wishing a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY…

…to my beautiful sweet daughter, who turns 6 today.

"Happy Birthday" to Superkid #1!


You thought I meant…?

Oh, no. Sorry.

No baby yet. But I’ll keep you posted.

-Dork Dad

Test Pattern

24 Feb


his has been a test of the emergency baby-having system. If this had been an actual baby-having you would have received a message saying “baby’s here” followed by an adorable picture. This concludes this test of the emergency baby-having system. We now return you to your regularly scheduled program already in progress.




No baby yet. Please stand by.


-Dork Dad

The boys of Summer… in February

24 Feb

‘ve mad a lot about the dorkier side of being a dad, but obviously it isn’t about *what* you do with your kids. It’s about doing *something* with your kids, and sharing the energy and love of your enthusiasm. That’s the real value in being a Dork Dad. Sure, I like to geek around with my kids… wearing matching shirts, going to the comic book shop, swinging lightsabers, learning science on nature walks. But I’m all about the normal dadding stuff too. That said, I have to tell you there is nothing quite like the look on your 3-year-old boy’s face when he hits that underhand pitch you threw him and smashes the ball clear to the other side of the backyard; especially when it’s just you and him in the house, and it’s 70 degrees outside, in February.

I love spending time with my kids, no matter what we’re doing.

But beware, no matter the activity, there’s always the possibility for personal injury when you’re a dad.

-Dork Dad

(still no baby by the way)

Almost there.

22 Feb

ear not true-believers. I haven’t gone away. Superbaby #3 is supposed to be here any time [[now]], and his impending arrival has taken up all the bandwidth around here. Unfortunately all unnecessary activities have been put on hold: personal hygiene, putting gas in the car, taking out the garbage, feeding the pets… and unfortunately, blogging.

As I’ve said before, blogging takes a certain amount of energy and free time… both of which are incredibly scarce around here. Instead we are setting up pack-and-play’s, finding all the old boy baby clothes in the attic, washing them, folding them, getting registered at the hospital, and setting up a squishy, newborn-baby photo shoot with an absolutely ROCKIN’ photographer (happy to provide referrals).

Safe to say Un-DorkMommy won't ever be taking a picture like this.


Even now my daughter is dragging me away to go play “cash register”.

In all seriousness, Superbaby #3 is due any second. We’re all on pins and needles around here. I’ll check back in after the dust settles. Stay tuned.


-Dork Dad

PJ’s and Bon Jovi

15 Feb

here’s no dignity in our family.

-Dork Dad

DorkDaddy Gets Crafty

13 Feb

his one goes out to fellow DorkDad Ande Davis. He recently put out an impassioned plea for help preparing for the imminent arrival of his first child, and as a fellow Giants fan I felt obligated to come to the rescue. I too had a similar problem and had to get crafty in order to solve it. Here’s DorkDaddy’s how-to guide for those times when the internet lets you down and you aren’t able to pass on the “dork” to your kids like they deserve.


My very good friend Ken recently had his first child. Although his inclination isn’t towards superheroes and the like, Ken is a top-tier DorkDad in his own right. He has his own irrational obsessions and has every intention of indoctrinating his son. Ken and I were childhood friends, and so I felt an obligation to give a gift that would mean something both to Ken the father, and Ken my friend. I had a picture in my head of a specific design of onesie. I searched far and wide across cyberspace, but to my surprise nobody had anything like the simple design I wanted. Eventually it came down to the fact that I was going to have to make the onesie myself. I was going to have to get crafty. If you’ve got an idea for a onesie that you just can’t find, this is what you’ve got to do:

Step 1: American Apparel

This place specializes in selling the most generic clothing you can imagine. They stock T-shirts in every conceivable color… and onesies too. We just happen to have a store nearby, but they sell stuff online too. I got the onesie(s) I needed in the color(s) I needed with no hassle.

This mild-mannered onesie is about to turn into something super.

Step 2: Office Depot

Iron-on fabric transfers. They’re in the stationary section. Who knew? You actually design the graphic you want, put one of these sheets in your inkjet printer, and print the thing. So easy my mother could do it.

The hidden, crafty gem in your office supply store's stationary aisle.

Step 3: Pirate… er, um… make your image

Use your mad graphics skills to create the image you want and then print it out. The only tricky part is that once your graphic is finished, you have to flip it horizontally because the iron-on process transfers the graphic as a mirror image. Cut out the image to remove as much excess as possible. If you made it through kindergarten you’re probably qualified for this step.

Don't hurt yourself there DorkDad.

Step 4: Iron-On

This is the single most difficult step, not because ironing is difficult, but because so many of us haven’t actually used an iron in the better part of a decade. Dorkspouses may choose to step in and take over this step, not because the ironing is their responsibility, but in the interest of the safety of everyone involved.

You see honey? I can do it all by myself. I'm a big boy.

Step 5: Blog about it

This has become a new, interesting dynamic in our home. Whenever anything noteworthy happens my wife has taken to saying, “And I suppose you’re going to blog about his one too, right?” You’d think a simple image like this would be easy to find. Not so. Apparently the boys in Stutgard guard their intillectual property very jealously.

Too much too soon? No way. Not when you're indoctrinating your kids. This is "arctic silver". I also made one in "midnight blue" and "classic red".



So there you go Ande, and there you go readers. You all thought iron-on transfers died in the early 80’s, didn’t you?

Happy crafting.

-Dork Dad

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