Dork Digest

6 Jan

ith so much traffic yesterday it seems that this would be a good opportunity to give our new readers a chance to get to know us. Below you’ll find some of our favorite posts. Please feel free to explore them at your leisure. As always, the point of a venture like this is to engage with the readers, so please leave your comments and reactions with reckless abandon.

OK. We were allowed to use the word

Science Isn’t Just For Girls


In this post I give an account of how I’ve tried to teach my daughter that science is the coolest subject out there, as well as pass on the values we learn from science that will serve my children well in all aspects of their lives. It connects quite nicely with yesterday’s post.


Return Of The Jedi

Part 1” and “Part 2

An account of a face-to-face encounter my son recently had with Darth Maul, and the lessons this parent learned about rushing your kids into things.


Yeah. After that story I bet you

Birthday Potty

“The Bowels Of Hell”

A harrowing experience with a newly potty-trained kid at a public bathroom, and a message to all mothers regarding the men’s room. We’ve all been there.


Happy anniversary honey. The astute observer will notice the headlight in the foreground. It WILL happen someday. This I vow.

Porsche vs. Minivan

“Swagger Dad”

We all swore in our 20’s that we’d never do it, but getting a minivan when you’re a parent is about as inevitable as getting gray hair. You might as well make peace with it.


When my son needs a fix, he goes to Joe. He knows Joe has the good stuff.

Kids and Comicbooks

“Meet Joe” and “Comics Aren’t For Kids Anymore”

The first post is about sharing the love of the comic book culture with your kids. The second is about why you almost can’t these days. But fear not, there is still hope.





“Dork Dad’s 10-step Guide…”

Whether it’s religion, politics, 49ers vs. Raiders, or Marvel vs. DC just follow these simple steps to brainwash your children into a lifetime of the dogma of your choice.

-Dork Dad

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