Goodness isn’t a game.

14 Nov

his one isn’t mine, but it says everything I’ve ever wanted to say with my own blog. After reading it I joked that “now I can shut down”. My mother’s howls of protest insured that isn’t going to happen. Please read this article. It’s important to me, to our kids, and to our world.






Tom Matlack laments that more men interest themselves in reviews of computer games than accounts of goodness. He also laments that he’s aggravating the problem.

I’ve founded two online companies aimed at boys and men. One I only think about on Monday afternoons when I get a weekly revenue report. The other I obsess about day and night. One is about a product I have never played and barely understand. The other makes me cry tears of pain or joy on a regular basis… (click this link to read the full article)

(BTW Tom, you lament that only gets 2 million hits a month. I’m lucky if I get 1,000)

-Dork Dad

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