Dorkdad’s tip-o-the-day: Smartphone Management

16 Oct

orkdad’s tip-o-the-day: Smartphone management.

We just happen to live in a place that is both beach-town, and incredible nature preserve (giant redwoods and mountain streams). Whatever it is we do on the weekend, more often than not it involves either water, or sand, or both. If you’re one of those people who feel naked without your smartphone in your pocket, but the odds of being burried in the sand on any given weekend are greater than most, I suggest you try this nifty little trick:

Just looking at this picture puts the fear of Steve Jobs in me.

Now I certainly wouldn’t reccomend going SURFING employing this strategy, but the old phone-in-the-ziplock trick is surprisingly more functional than you’d think. The bag is thin enough that it responds to the trusty old finger-swipe, and amazingly enough you can hear and speak through it quite well. The plastic makes taking pictures rather impractical, but if you’re anything like me and your iPhone is your best friend for capturing those impromptu moments with your kids (’cause who’s going to carry around an SLR everywhere you go?), this is a great way to slog through a mountain stream or build a sandcastle and still be ready to snap those fleating moments without having to worry about winning the cel-phone Darwin award, and thereby dropping more money into Cupertino, Ca. than you already have.

This has been a public service announcement. My name is Dork Dad and I endorse this message.
-Dork dad

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